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How to Change Front and rear Brake Pads and Rotors (Complete Guide)



  1. Thx so much

  2. The cost to do the hole set of 4

  3. Great video Chrisfix. Please could you clarify though whether it is necessary to open up the bleed valves prior to pushing the piston back into the caliper? I've heard that the master cylinder seals can otherwise flip. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. Tusshar Krrishna

    Awesome Explanation! You helped me save a ton of money!

  5. @ 9: 28 i was told never to force brake fluid back into master cylinder ever and never force brake fluid back into a antilock master cylinder because the tiny holes are .025 dim. and will plug up. now i always take the time to install a rubber hose the bleeder then to a bottle to catch old fluid. now am i doing it Wrong ??

  6. Wished you lived in the UK. Would love you as my mechanic.

  7. The one thing you forgot to mention is that when you get in your car the first time after the job you should pump the brakes a few times before you move because of pushing the caliper back ive heard several stories of people not doing this then freaking out first time they step on the breaks and the pedal goes to the floor

  8. Why do you push back the piston in the caliper again? I can't get that part clear

  9. This was very helpful…very.

  10. holy fk…. I was worried about doing this,,,, now I'm definitely doing my own brakes. this saturday… thanks chris!

  11. where under the car do you have the Jacks and what point did you use to jack up the car.

  12. Brian McGurrin

    thanks! very informative!

  13. Awesome video Chris. i have never worked on my car before but plan on doing so in a few weeks. Is there a certain toolkit that i can purchase with the breaker bar and everything else you used ? I really don't know what main tools I will need.

  14. Yazid Abdullah

    thanks bro you're a legend

  15. Man, this looks very easy… Or is it just because you are a pro. I want to change my own brakes on my 2013 truck.

  16. Cristian Gonzalez

    Im trying to do my own car repairs but I dont know where to buy parts like brake rotors and cabin filters. Where should I get my parts from?

  17. Chris you're amazing thank you so much for making this video. I was completely lost trying to do this as I've never worked on or around a car my entire life until today. it makes so much more sense now, couldn't have done it without you.

  18. Marios Nikolaou (MariosN87)

    Nice video mate :)

  19. Just changed my front and rear brakes using this video. Everything went rather well. Brakes are working great after a couple of weeks of driving. Looks like I owe you my thanks. Thank you!

  20. How do you bleed the brake lines?

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