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How to change car brake pads



  1. joseph jackson

    I purchased a Haynes Manual a few weeks back,it cant even tell me what brakes my van has,laughing,the rest of the manual is completely useless as well.
    30 years ago the manuals were good with pictures and a well detailed description of what to do,now you get a few pages of badly taken photos on blotting paper and a very bad description of what to do that even Formula 1 mechanics would be baffled by,,,yes Haynes,,,complete rubbish.

  2. Nice one! I've just subscribed 🙂

  3. how is he an idiot you mong step by step how to change pads dickhead.

  4. this guy is an idiot.

  5. thank you…

  6. Andrey Adelberg

    @ItsNoelDur I hate this guy's shoes 🙂

  7. imnotgay_butineedthemoney

    I like this guys voice.

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