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How To Block Sand Body Filler in Minutes



  1. That's a bad ass Honda Elite in the background.

  2. Jeohn Rebosura

    what are some steps to successfully paint the car?

  3. im doing my 65 impala, many great tips here!

  4. Hey Tony my wife scrape the car coming out the garage can I do the plastic on the car the same way it's no dents just paint scrape off

  5. Great video bro I learned alot. I think I am going to paint my toyota extra cab 4×4 now this summer and save myself money.

  6. Hey tony, I am a VIP member but I have changed my email and so I can't not get back online pls help , I haven't used program in a long time, but i would love to get back to learning….please email me at starchild50.pw@gmail.com. I just downloaded the 85 page Ebook but I didn't receive it either…….. have a blessed day Paul

  7. hey man I have a question my miata is spray painted I wanted to take off spray and prep it my self to get it painted what do I need to do or make a video?

  8. gramofonomanek

    Great job man..

  9. darren francis

    great video, I'm from Trinidad also, I'm doing body work on my 910 bluebird for drifting and this video gave me the inspiration to continue. keep up the good work

  10. Thumbs up, Tony! Thanks a lot for the helpful advice. I learned tons from this video alone. Definitely a great help to me for work on my '64 bug.

  11. Great vid bro. You have great verbal and visual teaching skills. Big ups!!

  12. I like your channel, quick advice. put a vertical cut into pin hole on the spray can nozzle. it will help you fan out the guide coat. you will decrease the amount of sprays and it will be uniform. probably will dry a lot faster too.

  13. i know your explaining,talking,BUT if i were you while sanding have a respirator/mask on….

  14. thanks man, I learned a lot from the video,now starting to do work on my car,I am from trinidad I have a nissan laurel c32 model good strong car, thanks man.

  15. Can't believe your working without a vacuum system.

  16. so a quick question, I got my whole car body work done and primer up. so now do I primer the whole car then sand it down before throwing on a basic coat? what best grid sand paper should I use before throwing on the basic coat?

  17. Ken Benson-Clarke

    do it properly, lead it boy.

  18. looks like fouseytube

  19. As a former teacher, I can say this guy is a natural and should keep going. He's relaxed, good at what he does, and shows you every step. It was a pleasure….

  20. the doc whoop whoop

    you are the man good job thanx alot

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