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Fuel Additives & Injector Cleaner – Explained



  1. You should look into running seafoam through intake or gas tank. Pros and cons would be awesome.

  2. I feel like octane boosters should have been included. maybe they are in another video but they should with these. like if its safe to run a booster and a cleaner. and what the octane rating means

  3. the test with concentrated gumout without dilution along with fuel might skew the results ? Since gumout is added to gasoline over 15-20 gallons ?

  4. What about RXP gas additive? That is very popular in my neck of the woods.

  5. Ok so SAE says high quality fuel only has the least deposits on a new engine vs all the cleaners including PEA.
    So just buy top Tier already. Got it?

  6. bloodyutubehell

    Great video, but it is hard for to not read the conclusion written on the board super early in the video

  7. Do Sea Foam :)

  8. Italian tune up- for cars that are babied or rarely driven on the highway.

    Simply beat the crap out of the engine on the highway for a period of time- it will cook off some of that carbon due to the high heat/ injectors washing the valves/ combustion chamber (Direct injection, your results may vary)

    Cars hate to idle and be babied- they need to see some RPM's to cook some of those lovely EGR/PCV deposits.

  9. Bryan Pichardo

    Oil additives video? Soon?

  10. This guy makes great videos. One of the few youtube mechanics that people can rely on.

  11. very good Description, but to me, it lacks additional information about modern direct injection engines. Since the air/fuel mixture doesn't exist there, only air is surpassing the valve and therefore these engines tend to have carbon buildup on the valves. this you get off best with walnut blasting, I've been told.

  12. I'm looking for someone that explains what is marvel mystery oil and if it's safe to use in modern diesel cars please.

  13. johnathan wood

    +Engineering Explained – What would be considered " High Quality Gasoline"?

  14. Ivan Betancourt

    Excellent, greetings from Honduras, Central America

  15. Any thoughts about the use of water to "steam clean" engine carbon deposits. There is a lot of anecdotal stuff out there, most of them use a blown head gasket to show that before the engine failed the water that seeped into the combustion chamber cleaned the piston.

  16. do u pour it a full tank of gas?

  17. torco accelerator to boost octane does it harm the engine at all?

  18. what about chevron gas with techron? I've had good results in both my truck engine and my two stroke engines keeping them clean I've also had good results using Chevron proguard fuel injector cleaner. I've used other brands but, they just didn't seem to do anything. is there a difference between Chevron proguard fuel injector cleaner and other fuel injector cleaners?

  19. Sorry for chiming in on an old thread but have you ever done a test with Seafoam? Is it a good thing or just a lot of smoke?

  20. Would you recommend Lucas Oil Cylinder Lubricant Fuel Treatment

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