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FRESH S13 Suede Interior Upgrade



  1. Where did u get the Suede? Thinking about doing it myself when I buy my 240sx :D

  2. I really want to do this, or something similar when I get a 240 or something. Does it hold up in the heat? My worry would be that the glue would melt if it was super hot outside, how has it held up for you?

  3. I'm glad there are actually real 240sx enthusiasts out there like myself. Those drift-crash-drift-crash-destroy 240 guys need to move along and save the clean shells left for people that actually appreciate the car.

  4. leather wrap the e brake in leather and stitch it red do the dash in suede too

  5. don't spray the headliner… take the extra time to wrap it… you'll appreciate it much more

  6. What do you do for work to fund the build man?

  7. ernesto ahumada

    i did my doors like that and i had soooo much trouble doing the corners it turned out nice i like it but those corners show

  8. To get a maximum bond rough up the plastic rougher with a 220 grit or even 80, the material will cover the deeper scratches also on a side note spray the both sides with the adhesive.

  9. NoOneImportant556

    Your ganna regret that man… Suede is the worst material ever made. Youll have a white interior in a couple of years.. And then over time it wears badly. Not to mention anytime you rub it it changes color especially as it fades… Ask me how I know lol

  10. Reckless Chris

    dude interior is sick your s13 is the cleanest and nicest chassis ive ever seen

  11. nice way to take the idea from the person who you hated on for it lol, watch my video from months ago.. interestingly similar

  12. Nice job man. Really interested to see how well the glue holds up in the long term. Does it get hot where you're from?

  13. The intro song can you please tell me it so i can most likely download it? Please?

  14. where did you get the fabric?

  15. What did you use to make the suede stick && where Did you buy the suede

  16. Awesome vid thanks for sharing. I will be doing this to my 240

  17. is your gauge pod free I can use it just get with me if you can if you serious about getting rid of it

  18. hey i have a sugestion for a later video, it would be cool if next time you but tbe rb20 back in the 240 you would record it sort of doing a tutorial for us noobs

  19. Do you think a 240 is a good first car cuz I'm getting my driver license next month

  20. The music came out of no where and scared me xD

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