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DIY: Sheet Metal Repair & Patching



  1. Nice work thanks for sharing.

  2. You did this great work on a mowing deck……..I truly wonder what it would look like,if you actually worked on a valuable veteran vehicle….?
    This truly is an outstanding piece of workmanship – I love,when people still can fix something instead of throughing it away….
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Very nicely done! A few questions, if you will??? I presume you were using a 110 V DC Mig/Fluxcore welder with fluxcore wire only, there fore a fluxcore process without the Argon? Also what Fluxcore wire alloy did you use and recommend?? Thank you very much as I have a mower deck and a small mig/fluxcore welder that I'm learning with. Also an AC only fluxcore wire welder in reserve.

  4. Looks good! Want to fix mine? lol

  5. nice work,as good new. Well done.

  6. Wow, very nice work. you are an artist.

  7. you should be working on classic cars & trucks

  8. good and make me learn a lot!!

  9. woot woot! nice job buddy a lasting repair!

  10. True craftsmanship. It's a shame that more and more products are becoming
     "throw away". Its awesome when people repair and fix before buying new.

  11. Woodchuck Russ

    Very very nice job. Almost too nice of work for a mower deck. I fix many decks but not sure I could do it that clean. 

  12. Very nice job. Good as new

  13. I watched about 10 videos of doing rust repairs . This is the most professional one.
    Great work! 

  14. Impressive repair job!

  15. Pro job…a pleasure to watch.

  16. After thought.. Who are these miserable people that go around clicking thumbs down on excellent videos, such as this one, all over You Tube?? A bunch of douche bags if you ask me.. 

  17. Hell Yeah!! Good Job!!

  18. amazing!

  19. can any body send the information,how round shaped sheet metal doors are made.

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