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DIY Rust Repair Cheap And Easy!



  1. Wow! Phenomenal job!

  2. can you leave the products you used in the description

  3. william swires

    Fucking hell……. I wish I could sand that fast

  4. Marcel Van Hoek

    Good Job!

  5. Wierd…I have all the identical tools and material you use. It's like watching me do it

  6. I don't why I'm watching this do it for a living lmao YouTube bordem

  7. Nice job ….

  8. Great vid, only thing I would do differently is apply the clear coat when the base coat gets tacky, as this gives better adhesion, but nice job thanks for posting.

  9. what kind of brush tool do you use on that electric tool to remove the rust in the first place?

  10. looks really nice, but I worry about my car that's black, and the rust is on the outside of the lower doors. and it's on both front doors. will there be a huge difference in shades?

  11. This actually is somebody who knows what he is doing……..
    Some prefer to give it a layer of rust converter first-but when you go to a body shop,they usually do it the way our guy here did it -only he did it much more thoroughly ……..
    A very proper job -no short cuts taken – high end-DIY …….
    Good to see,that there are still some young guys doing great jobs.
    Comming from an old Auto-maniac…..
    Thanks for posting

  12. Superb….I have a few bits on my van and I'm gonna do exactly the same as this. 😊😊👍

  13. MonokuroBooHokKan


  14. Has it reappeared or still good?

  15. you should point the heat gun at the bare metal for a minute before spraying the primer. the heat will displace any moisture in the pits. moisture is what creates rust.

  16. Catherine Hellings

    Love your videos. Am completely untechnical! Don't own a motorbike, but you're are damned good teacher!

  17. Many thanks for the tutorial! Going to try this out where there is light rust at both rocker panels on my Jeep. One question based on a prior comment – where would I add the step for rust converter/inhibitor?

  18. This will be very helpful once I get my Super Beetle, thanks!

  19. Great video only suggestion I would make is that using a rust converter before using the high filler primer would be better.That said anything looks better than rust and you did a good job.

  20. Did you use a grinding wheel on the angle grinder?

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