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  1. Muhammad Hunain

    Hi. Thats an awesome work. Can u guide me for Suzuki ALTO VXR model 2004 launched in Pakistan? Cheers :)

  2. I don't think I'll be trying this one at home

  3. new LED link?? didnt work..

    Trying to do this next weekend. Thanks !!

  4. My car was made before LED's were invented lmfao

  5. Professor Jameson

    Been wanting to do this to my 07 wrangler for a long time. I wanted red lights. Found that I need to change the resistors for red lights. A bit beyond my skill level. I did put some red paper over the blue bright light indicator. Made it much less blinding. If you have any tips regarding idntifying the resistors it they would be appreciated. white/ blue and green leds use the same resistor, red needs a dif one for some reason. Thanks for the video.

  6. Tommy Whitaker

    RIP warranty

  7. Awesome result, but I'm not electrically inclined so I think I'll pass on this one. I understand what a circuit board is and all that, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to replace parts on one. I'd gladly try my hand at it, just not on my car. That's not exactly something you want to wing it on.

  8. I want to do this I hate the green I have in my jeep but way too much could go wrong. You should sell already done Circuit board and make a killing.

  9. it's surface mount leds not circuit mount

  10. next time, use a fork to lift off the needles, they will come off in 1 piece that way

  11. Not a hack just installing led lights

  12. I really miss my first car, a Camry which doesn't need to take any pannel off before I can get the speedo out …………..

  13. kipkay i will give you free LED ☺

  14. what if i told you that blue sucks and white is awesome ?

  15. how to identify a non-petrolhead – when your fun starts when you leave the car and go into the workshop, not the other way arround

  16. Nicolas Rosario

    I don't have that tool

  17. Vortex Productions

    Why is the tittle hacking… Lol nothing like hacking

  18. Morgan McDonald

    +kipkay wish you lived close so you could do this on my jeep!!!

  19. This is great!!! But it ruined the value of your jeep

  20. so glad my Miata has twist sockets at the back of the cluster so I don't have to mess with soldering… nice result, but I don't wanna go into my cluster unless I absolutely have to..

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