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Car Interior Cleaning Tips: simplified tips from the professional



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  1. holy crap you look like the guy form James bond (the new movies).

  2. *Emptys half the can* " come in and lightly spray it "

  3. Spencer Maiers

    I work on cars professionally, I learn every day. I speak to friends in the business and they all learn every day. Everyone has their own techniques and tools to accomplish the jobs. I bet the hecklers in this thread would be surprised with what actually goes on working on cars. Mechanics break many little things that are relatively meaningless, poorly engineered, or obscure (first time for everything clips). Some plastic clip and hose designs are outrageously frustrating to remove perfectly every time period. It's hard to do or make anything perfect, but to the point of this guy's techniques – 25 years exp, likely many happy customers. I personally don't see anything wrong with his techniques. I also like Mr. Clean eraser pads but like buffing a car, you can go too far. I am sure every detailer starts knowing what's going to screw up a finish or not. And still exceptions will happen, panels will suddenly discolor, carpet will discolor, etc. I am all for constructive criticism too, or flat out saying someone is wrong. But just talking shit like a punk while promoting/idolizing another YouTuber is super lame. Seeing work techniques is great, I see no general issues with his technique. BTW I scratched one of those Mercedes door panel woods once when replacing a window. Shit happens. I sanded it wet and polished it by hand with some 3M #1 and it came out looking damn good. A pro probably should also know how to get himself out of hot water (case in point).Cool videos and thanks for posting-

  4. What was the blue pad? Looks like a sponge unless I'm mistaken.

  5. Joe Van Seeters

    Once again Darren, awesome video. Very useful and informative. Thanks for your down to earth "everyday man's way" of doing detailing. I got both the Meguiars Degreaser and APC in gallon sizes and have had good results with BOTH products following your recommendations on your various videos with both of the products and how to use them!

    I personally am a huge fan of Sonax. I've been having real good results with Sonax products. Everything I have used from Sonax has worked as advertised and usually with BETTER than advertised results. Sonax just seems to know what they are doing when it comes to detailing products. Of course having been to Germany several times myself in the past 10 years, the Germans truly know how to manufacture various products including car detailing products to go with their incredible cars! I use Sonax Polymer Net Shield, Polymer Rim Shield (new product to the USA this year), and Brilliant Shine Detailer are some of my favorite products. Their Alcantara/Upholstery cleaner is also a really good product for interior cloth surfaces of all types. I also use their normal upholstery cleaner, glass cleaner and finally their "Fallout" (Iron-x type product) and their absolutely amazing color changing "Wheel Cleaner Plus".

  6. YooToobModerator

    This is all about cleaning a car? Do you have one on ironing pants?

  7. How to clean the speakers??

  8. My car has a dark interior and the door interior is also black. But it looks like I have some scuffs that do not clean off from using Magic eraser, etc. I believe it might have slightly damaged the plastic. What would you recommend I use to get that covered or removed?

  9. "lets cut to the chase" so 3min + before you start then you say "use a vacuum to suck up liquid.." as for a leaf blower being compressed air LOL leaf blowers are generally
    large flows and low pressure


  11. Spraying that product all over the place is not the thing to do, you spray it on your applicator away from the windows and gauges and electrical switches and that avoids getting excessive amounts of product in the seams too. Now you must go back and clean up after the overspray.

  12. Manuel Hernandez

    can i use the all purpose cleaner to clean the cloth seats on my trailblazer

  13. Marthacom Gallo

    Cómo limpiar el polvo del motor

  14. ‫أحمد المحروقي‬‎

    I use olive oil
    You should try it

  15. grupoalazar conjunto

    hi what canthe chemical use for take the stain to remove..

  16. efedema izegbune

    I have a car that has light interior. My inside door is heavily stained. Any suggestions

  17. My speakers are the same on my Mercedes. The covers look like they're brown like on the bottom….. I can't seem to get it off

  18. I had one question, well something to say. When I use microfiber, it never seems to soak up water like my regular cloths do…. I just asked because you said about microfiber. 

  19. Hey Darren, first off love your channel. Picked up lots of useful tips and tricks. Always loved detailing my own car and now I've started a small business of my own. I have an up coming client with major salt stains on the carpets. Any tips? My thoughts are all purpose cleaner. Steamer and a brush. Thanks

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