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Car Body Repair DIY (rust, holes, filler, sanding, primer, spray paint, lacquer)



  1. Радостин Димитров

    a very sloppy job.

  2. Thomas Schooler

    Cut out rusted metal and put in new metal

  3. Good quick fix, aimed at people who have no idea so its a good UPLOAD!! nice 1

  4. delete this video it is for stupid people

  5. baaai … tataaaa vedeti aici … ce ne caracterizeaza pe noi romanii. Superficialitatea… lucrul facut de mantuiala. Iarta ma ca ti spun mai nea carpaciule…. Ai facut pe romaneste … o carpeala de kkt. Treaba de 2 lei. Mai bine o dadeai la fier vechi….mai puneai banii care i ai cheltuit oe spray, chit, glaspapir si alte lucrui ce ai mai cheltuit, si luai alta. Mai bine nu ne aratai porcaria ce ai facut o… Ehhh… si uite asa ai reusit sa strangi cele mai multe dislike uri.

  6. haha holy shit 😂

  7. KoljaMineralka

    Fucking burn it man… It's dead

  8. With repair like this everything come off after first winter. a lot of bubbles will appear where the putty is.

  9. jesus christ what is wrong with you! you never teach from your misstakes ;)) stupid enought ;)))))

  10. Yousl should have googled it first…

  11. doriangray6911

    I cant believe that after you wasted the putty and the paint you actually laquered it. However i think you did a good job because I rather drive a car with the worst paintwork than having big areas of rust so great repair on small budget. Keep painting and repairing. Practice makes perfect

  12. AlphaOne Exteriors

    great job explaining thank you

  13. Rodrigo Leoncio

    serviço porco do caralho!

  14. you know.. its a horrible job yes, but… i like this video. this car would not have been worth restoring right, he is keeping his vehicle on the road the cheap and easy way instead of sending it to a junk yard. needs to be more people brave enough to post things like this they do to cars.

  15. good video, i actually appreciate you taking you time for a beginner like to understand and get an idea on how this stuff works. working on a hood and panel, will learn from the mistakes and hopefully it will come out good. thanks brother!!

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  17. Come on give him a break great job

  18. Cosmin Catalin

    calitatea unei table romanesti

  19. Nice efforts.

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