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BONDO Auto Body DIY Tips (How To Use Body Filler Putty) Auto Body Repair Training Tutorial



  1. This is a great video, I just needed to do a minor repair on a canoe, and wanted to do some cosmetic work over the fresh fiberglass, but this was a great video explaining how to use the Bondo I bought.

  2. Fabian Santoyo

    You are a very good teacher! But for the people that don't know nothing bout this job!!! In the real body shop you will be destroyed …

  3. What does cardboard absorb exactly?

  4. that was informative, the main takeaway here is don't put catalyzed body filler back into the non-catalyzed material. thanks

  5. I bought bondo gold but the hardener was stolen from it when I opened it, but I have hardener left from the original bondo body filler(not the gold) could I use the original Hardener with the gold filler achieving the same finished product? Aka are the bondo hardeners universal?


  6. If i sanded down an area to half metal and old primer and now its smooth do i have to put bondo over the metal before primer? Also old metal that wasnt rusted is starting to get a little rust. Any tips would be very great full! 

  7. Thanks Donnie, I've enjoyed watching your vidoes. I'm working on a restoration and I have a question. Does the body filler give adequate protection to the bare metal or should I use an etch primer to cover the bare metal before putting on the filler? I'd appreciate to hear your thoughts on that. Thank you.

  8. I have a question…. a newly installed OE body part should fit exactly as how the old one did? no little tiny spaces at all…..

  9. so now I have the body work all done and am  block sanding the bondo to 320 and am finding little dimples and pin holes. What do i use to  to  fill these holes?

  10. Thanks for uploading. Now i know why i was getting pin holes and streaks in my filler. Spread to mix not stir to mix.

  11. ernestospingpong

    this with th papers, how it calls?

  12. Thanks for the video. Nice work

  13. a confusng thing for me when cn you use body filler as aposed tohave to weld a patch in?I havejust repaired a sill that joins my wheel arch i is not in aload bering aea as its just here thesil joins te wheel arch inthe sill was sold just the end cap was mising hats what i filled

  14. Thanks a lot , Sir

  15. i gotta say, this guy is one of the best instrcutors of body work and paint ive seen in a while, just watching alot of his videos, i can tell hes been doing this for many years.

  16. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    If mixed properly, it should be ready to sand in 10 to 15 minutes. The temperature may effect this. If it is real hot, you may have less time. If it's cold, it may take longer.

  17. I have a question please
    how much time the body filler to get dry ?
    Thanks Mr Donnie

  18. Thanks for the video. It was very informative.

  19. Armando Salmeron Jiménez

    If Tue don't know what you are doing just don't do it. Have someone who knows do it. I've seen some fucked up cars out there lol

  20. I cannot believe you could stretch so little education out to 9 minutes. In Uk what you just said is 30 seconds training only, I guess we learn to knosh up quicker over here

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