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  1. Remap Diagnostics

    Hand brake's off ?

  2. Paweł Be (Bilazaurus)

    9:19 – That horn in the background sounds like something straight out of horror movie. Just listen to it it's there

  3. Hi Ammo I love your videos and have tried most of your methods with great results, but I bought a car that the previous owner had let their large dog ride in probably daily, I have tried Extraction, scrubbing etc, but still cant seem to get rid of the dog smell. I was curious how you might attack this problem, chemical combo, techniques? thanks

  4. It's nice to see you clean the butt juice off your wife's seat. That's love.

  5. Do a video on cleaning headliner plz.. I bought 2 year old Beamer with great deal. The guy had it before me gotta be tall cuz it left kind of dirty spot above the driver seat on the headliner. Is it something that can be clean or not.

  6. I meant what I first commented. he's just wasting time. anyone with a brain should no how to clean cloth interiors.. screw off.

  7. I was wondering if you have any tips, I just bought my first car and when the guy before me bought it the car had been sitting from 2005-2015, the fabric in the seats almost feels dryed out and really rough, is there anyway to fix that?

  8. When steaming cloth seats how do you recommend combining a chemical product as well when there are stains and just straight steam won't clean it fully? A pre-treatment or do you go after it with a brush after you steam much like in your leather video?

  9. Nathan Henderson

    Hi! I'M Nate I have a 91 Honda accord that has weather damaged & life damaged seats and the carpet will the AMMO SHAG work on it I can send pictures as well if you need to see

  10. Feenando Garcia

    hey.. this was helpful.. I have hell with the carpeting in vehicles .. maybe I'm I'm using to much water?? stains keep coming back up ..

  11. Would a regular household steamer for clothes work okay with the seats?

  12. This is such a great video, it's thorough, has variety, and easy to understand, many more videos need to be this in depth and simple.

  13. Pretty ironic that Larry went to a place called "Gunks" lol

  14. very helpful for novices :)

  15. Thank you for the great info!! Is there a speciffic method to removing trapped farts?? Thank's;)

  16. What setting do you use when using the vx5000? High, medium, or low setting?

  17. I'm an old dude, 62, been getting interested in detailing cars to make an extra buck somehow. I detailed cars for dealerships when I was a kid, back then the way was vacuum the hell out of it, then get in there with a big bucket of hot soapy water, scrub the hell out of everything, suck it out with a powerful wet dry vacuum, and then use a big powerful fan and blow the interior dry overnight. I know things change, do you think using a powerful fan to dry things out is a bad idea, or just another method?

  18. extraction liquid in hot water…not laundry detergent or dish soap lol you don't want to leave soap in your seats. Also the smell

  19. Do those sunglasses have matte lenses? What brand are they? I can't make out what it says.

  20. Interesting you say not to soak a fabric covered seat but most other detailers say to soak them and really get them wet. Can you explain?

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