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Basic Dent Repair For Beginners – Autobody Basics



  1. Thanks for making these videos and sharing this info, I enjoy watching these videos and learning from it. I'm looking into making a career change from my current job into becoming a Collision Repair Tech. Your videos have confirmed my thoughts on making the change to this trade.

  2. Also if you have any advice as to repairing a dent on an older vehicle such as my 73 that would be great just because I know it's not the material they use today.

  3. Remove it bag it and have it thanks for all of the tips I just bought myself a 73 Dodge Dart I am going to do my best to restore it myself ever restored a vehicle before so this is all great information most of it sounds like common sense.

  4. comments below reflect as to why most men out there are so useless and pay another to do what they can't be bothered. It's the bloody attitude and laziness and impatience. Also if you don't like the intro there is such thing as fast forward or skip you dumb asses. At least that much you should know.

  5. Didn't care for the smart ass tone in the first couple of minutes. Don't know how the rest of the video went.

  6. Great video. Thanks for all the info and keep it up!

  7. Very good video mate, who the fuck are all these thumb downers what the fuck! they are late for their knitting class.

  8. yall dun guud brotha

  9. Ed & JoAnn Hass

    Can I send you a Damage Photo for some advice….A 36" Cargo Door on a RV that Id like to learn how to repairs…maybe 80% would make me happy 🙂 have done wood repair and woodworking for years. I believe its Aluminum beauty Panel over another Aluminum 1 1/4" Box Frame with both pieces attached with Double Faced Automotive Adhesive Tape. So I can learn with advise :)…ed hass reno, nevada

  10. Very pleasant video to listen to! Unlike many videos or tutorials, you start from basics without jumping into terminology that people might not be aware of, and not using jargon without explaining what it means. You really give confidence to the listener both about yourself and the listener's capability. As others have said, it's not really a video, but that isn't the end of the world. Your pictures are (mostly) very relevant! Although talking about dating and lightning is perhaps a bit to much of a detour for my liking :-p both you and the listeners are often busy people! But like many, I'm sure, I'm very grateful for the time you invested in making this tutorial. I will  definitely be looking out for any more that you make.

  11. Stellar.  I'm lookin at a dent on hatch back…Kia Sorrento,,,2013.  Trying to avoid that body shop.  Desperate, actually…Any help is appreciated.  I'm quite capable of handling the deal once I'm lined out. Mechanically inclined and have the tools in garage. Handy dandy chicola is ready! 

  12. Miguel Santiago

    You the man

  13. EXCELLENT, period.

  14. this stud welder gun is realy complicated to use.Does eneyone in america use a car spotter?its much easyer to use

  15. Nathan Ramirez

    Good info but still pictures make this a drag to watch :(

  16. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    Glad it helped! Thanks for watching!

  17. Thanks for this video I have a problem at the moment and this has given invaluable info.

  18. Hey great dating advice , gave up on the dent thing because I slipped into a coma while waiting…l0l

  19. Nah I won't know! I just bought and opend a shop and I have no idia.

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