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Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change Disc Brake Pads



  1. Has anyone ever heard of a oil dip stick rotting out? its a 8 year old Nissan Sentra.

  2. Is that Tickle from Moonshiners?

  3. Good video. Clear on directions & straight to the point. I think taking off the tire is the hardest part! Ha

  4. Thanks for a no BS How-To.

  5. to push the pison back into the calipor so it will slide on the new brake pads ( because the new brake pads will be bigger then the worn out ones which the calipor is set to)

  6. angela hairston

    Thank you Tom. I am a woman and we have a few older vehicles that me and my son work on. This video is amazing. Great job and greatly appreciated

  7. 0:11 scratches face with super filthy hand. REAL MAN

  8. GrandesClassicos93

    when you push the pistons back, do you have to have the bleeder valve open?

  9. themorganator4

    almost yes, he is pushing back the calibres which actually push the pads on the disk when you brake as you said, he needs to put those back in so he can fit the new pads.

  10. It looks like he is pushing back something so that the newer thicker brake pads will fit. As you can see, I am not an expert :).

  11. Oh forgot… when you finish the work, don't forget to, clean all of the parts!!

  12. 1: You can use some rust-solving aerosol, there are many types of them on the market.
    2: The "wonder stuff": Diesel fuel….. You can take some diesel fuel with a brush on the bolt. Wait about half an hour. Then, put something to the bolt's head, (e.g. a cooper or alu block, and hit the block with a hammer (the hit's direction goes axial to the nut) Then, try to remove it….

  13. This guy does a bunch of mistakes, and unnecessary things.

  14. Great video, Great video 8)

  15. This is a great video. Thank you for sharing your talent and information.

  16. he's got some nice tools and skillz

  17. pump your brakes before you are good to go or you will go

  18. @WildlifeSeriaLKiller Nice try troll, the grease is not on the pads it's where the pads meet the calipers so it dampens the vibrations. It's called brake grease for a reason pal.

  19. @thebigwarthog yea, great idea. let me know when you kill someone so I can congratulate you. Moron…… Why would you grease something prepared to stop your vehicle????? and why BEHIND the pads??? holy shit you're serious?

  20. ummm…….what?

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