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1970 Duster Quarter Panel Patch Panel Install



  1. I'm working on a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere. I had the panels media blasted and primed. well my nightmare is just beginning. the right front fender looks like it was beaten by someone with a bag of ball bearings. bondo can seem like a good tool in theright hands but on the other hand their are plenty of butchers out there who will pile it on.

  2. Surely using that air joddler on the rear quarter would have had the effect of straightening the panel, taking the curvature out of it? I think I'd have gone for butt welding using neodymium magnets to hold the patch in alignment whilst tacking up.

  3. +RodsShop  question on the vertical section above the wheel.   I have a section I am doing on my 66 barracuda, it is almost identical to your repair here.   I cut and flanged the top seam, I had enough overhang,  but above the fender I cut too much and the patch only mates up for a butt weld (which i don't like that idea, considering my novice level of welding).   You didn't show the welding process, did you have the flange all the way around?  I'm thinking about welding a short piece on the back side to make the flange, and fill the gap.  any thoughts?

  4. Prime example of "retardation" . Lol.

  5. Please don't just rely on the jack to keep you safe. Put a stand under the car as well.See people do this all the time and just makes me cringe its all cool till the car moves or slips on the jack.

  6. Frank De Ruiter

    The typical American way to 'repair' cars is to do a bad job, and smear 25 Kg's of Bondo on it make make it look good.

  7. not everybody knows how to weld. can u fix w/o welding?

  8. Fred Sitzenstock

    you did a great job for what you had to work with

  9. can you use the old trick of wet ragging the work to prevent the heat from warping it or does it make more work than its worth?

  10. The real point of annoyance is that somebody paid good money to have there car repaired and got shit like that! If they did that then what else are they doing?

  11. did you lap weld your panel or butt weld? hard to see.

  12. Well I fully agree. If you dont know what your doin on a car body then keep your hands off. Yet I do respect the guy doin the body work in the vid. Good job my man.

  13. previous bodywork done by a butcher :'D

  14. how did you get  the body-line back in ?nice

  15. Your videos are great man. Keep em coming!

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